Feature Ideas


  1. To add to your message the same options as in Linkedin Messaging i.e. attach an image, a file, a GIF or emoticons to the expandi messages

    Because only text messaging does not allow same functionallity that LinkedIn allows in the messages

    Santiago Perez C
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  2. Warning when someone is in two different campaigns

    Warning when someone is in two different messenger campaigns (or in a connector campaign and a messenger campaign

    Wouter S


  3. Agency Level Dashboard

    We manage a lot of accounts and it takes a long time to click into each account to check how many connection requests and messages have been sent, and to know when audience lists need to be refilled. It would be very helpful to have an agency-level dashboard to show stats for every profile on how many Connection Requests & Messages were sent for the last 1/7/30 days (maybe use a date selector). I need a table with all of the profiles listed and their stats in one page so I can quickly verify that campaigns are performing, or identify which profile I need to work on.

    Anthony B
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  4. Comment a Post

    Real engagement comes from comments. Everyone looking to have his profile more visible would benefit from it. It will be an action, like "like a post" or "endorse". It can include the name of the person (it will multiply the engagement) and some content or list of options where it will chose in line or randomly the comment. There are systems who do that already and would be amazing to have them integrated into Expandi

    Prof.Christian F
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  5. Add option to send premium inmail messages

    L.s., could we consider to add the option to send premium inmail messages please? Currently, only open inmails can be sent.



  6. Send Test Email Feature

    We need the ability to send a test email from the email step in the campaign builder. So that we can check the email formatting and sender's email that the recipient will see. HighLevel has a good send test email feature - we need a similar way to send test emails in Expandi please!

    Anthony B
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  7. Email campaigns

    Separate email campaign

    Glenn Miseroy


  8. Email warm-up

    Additional warm for improving the status of the email, which will increase its deliverability

    Glenn Miseroy


  9. Scrape Job title data in addition to profile headline

    At the moment, only the profile Headline is scraped for the expandi inbox and listed as "job title". Would be great to have additional data on their actual job position, as listed under their "experience". Instead of having to visit their profile to be certain of what they do when the headline is unclear.

    Vetle S


  10. Reminder to follow up

    When a lead says 'send me a message in 3 months' at the moment I have to set myself a diary note. Could lead tasks not be part of Expandi so that you can see any manual tasks on your dashboard?

    Will G


  11. Ability to view what posts were liked from the "Like a post" step in the Builder campaign

    When added the "Like a post" step in the Builder campaign, we should be able to to the "Stats" within the Builder campaign, and be able to click the "Like a post" step, which would pull up a window that would show all of the people who have received this step (who have had a post liked), and there should be a link then that goes to the exact post that was liked. This is important for a few reasons: -If you have keyword filters within the "Like a post" step, we need to be able to know they are working correctly, and that only the posts that match those keywords are being liked. Currently, we have no way to check this. -If we can see the exact post that is being liked (based on the keywords above) is also getting lots of engagement from other people (likes, comments, etc), then we can get insights on other keywords or hastags that are relevant in the space and optimize our future campaigns to like similar posts for these additional/new keywords. But if we can't see what posts are being liked, we have no insights into any of this. So we don't even know what posts are being liked, or if the step is working correctly. I've attached two screenshots: -The setting options within the "Like a post" step with the keywords entered (that we currently have no way of verifying if these settings are working -Suggested place where we'd go to be able to click and view what posts have been liked.

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  12. Overall statistics of builder campaign

    You can't check the overall statistics of a builder campaign. The fields of how many people have been contacted/connected/messaged/etc. stays empty.

    Wouter S


  13. add the option to the Builder Campaign to pull profles out of the campaign once they finish the sequence

    Would be great to add the option to the Builder Campaign to pull profles out of the campaign once they finish the sequence This will save me from deleting them manually once I become aware they have achieved the end of the campaign

    Santiago Perez C
    #Improvement 👍


  14. Event invite step in builder campaign

    Adding an event invite step inside of the builder flow

    Glenn Miseroy


  15. rename search results

    I'd love to have an option to rename search results after they've been already created.

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